Oran's legendary two-story outhouse

Ethel Adams contributed the picture

Click on it for the full sized view.

Here's what some joker did to the outhouse picture 10 minutes after we posted it!

We've received email from Jerilyn Johnson with an article about the outhouse. According to Leonard Lorber, the article must have been written in 1975. Here's a shot of the clipping (provided by Jerilyn.)

DOUBLEDECKER - This old 2-story outhouse, built in 1913 by Phillip Schmit, stood in Oran for a good many years before making way for more modern facilities. The outhouse stood behind the building owned by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lorber, who had moved to Oran from Canada in 1913, and lived there until 1956. The building had housed Lorber's store on the first floor, and apartments on the second. Mrs. Lorber, now 94 (Ben, I dont know what year this picture was taken in the paper), lives in Arkansas. Rumor has it this outhouse's fame has spread as far south as Texas, where a picture of it adorns the wall of a Texas Restaurant. Jerilyn also sent along this old photo of the outhouse taken from a different angle.

Our outhouse has made John Loose's Famous Outhouses of America Tour!