Innovative Ag Services

Innovative Ag Servicesis the largest employer in Oran. It began serving the Oran community in 1984 when it was purchased (then Youngblut Elevator) by Gary Zimmerman. It was then called Oran AG Services. At that time there were 2 full time employees. In October of 1997 Oran Ag was bought by United Suppliers of Eldora and Gary Zimmerman became the manager. It has grown to 14 full time employees and has branches in Toledo and Tripoli. In 2001 it teamed up with the elevator at Readlyn and assumed its present name of Innovative Ag Services.

Products and services include:
Bag and Bulk Feed
Custom Application of Herbicides, Insecticides, & Fertilizer
Custom Feed Grinding
Anhydrous Ammonia

Here are some pictures from around the business.

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